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What is O'ink?

O’ink is an inventive, cute 3D platformer made in inspiration of the classic 3D platformer titles  such as Super Mario N64, Spyro, and the THQ Spongebob series. The game is currently in pre-alpha.

Plot Synopsis

After the devastating disappearance of a beloved legend, Maxamillion Oinker and his sarcastic robotic bear Tedwin embark on a harrowing journey to find their legend and bring him back. Traverse countless worlds, defeat hundreds of unique enemies, lose yourself in engaging mini games, complete challenging puzzles and so much more as you uncover the mystery alone or with a partner in this hilarious adventure.

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  • Experience a captivating adventure featuring two hilarious protagonists. An optimistic, light hearted young pig named Max and his sarcastic sidekick, Tedwin!
  • Traverse over ten massive levels with an incredibly diverse set of biomes.
  • Challenge yourself against a plethora of  threatening enemies, and unique obstacles!

  • Brave the dangerous and challenging world of O'ink alone or with a friend in classic couch co-operative play. 

  • Engage in over fifteen highly addictive mini-games  across the breathtaking, weird, and dangerous world of O'ink!
  • Customize your character in near endless combinations! 
  • Unlock various upgrades for both Max and Tedwin as you gain experience exploring.
  • Put yourself to the test with several unique puzzles, requiring the two hero's to work together!
  • Immersive yourself in the world of O'ink, featuring an amazing cast of characters you will encounter on the journey that will change Porkland's future forever!


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